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BATD ON Apr 20, 2009 AT 2:54 pm

Lengthen those lashes

Lengthen those lashes

Finally our Smart Girls Guide For Looking Fabulous tackles make-up. Want to know how to get the perfect false eyelash effect, and the best smoky eye without the smudge? Read on below and find out all you’ll ever need to know about the art of make-up.

When applying mascara – really get the brush at the root of lashes and give it a wiggle to make sure you coat all the lashes. Apply more in an outward motion at the end of the lashes to create a false eyelash effect.

When applying concealer – look in the mirror and tilt your head slightly, you will see the right area to cover (your dark circles – if you have them.) If you have gone overboard with concealer just dip a cotton bud in a eye cream and sweep over the build up and blend.

If you are attempting a smoky eye, skip applying your foundation all over your face until you have finished your eyes. Then wipe face clean and apply base – this will keep your complexion clean and avoid a messy spillage over cheeks.

Make up tips

Make up tips

If you apply shimmer powder a lot – keep a separate brush just for shimmer, so you don’t end up with it all over your face when applying loose powder or matte face powder.

Always apply shimmer after blush – tops of cheekbones, don’t go wiping off all your blusher.

If you are starting to acquire a few wrinkles then avoid shimmer in these areas as it will settle into creases and highlight areas you want to conceal.

Love wearing glitter make-up? – Fold a tissue under eye to prevent any spillage – if you do take a piece of sellotape you can pick up glitter that’s fallen on skin. Dab vaseline over lid to give the glitter something to stick to. Tap brush before applying to let excess drop back into lid, and restrict your glitter to nigh time, not a good look for daytime unless you are in burlesque training classes! 

Liquid Eyeliner – use a quick dry formula to avoid too many smudges, start with dots along your lash line and join up with a steady hand resting elbow on a surface. Or trace the line you want to with pencil first then go over with liquid when you are happy with the shape. 

Top tips for eyeshadow

Top tips for eyeshadow

To make blush last, apply a cream blush first with finger, the heat of your hands will make it blend better, then set with a light dusting of powder blush over the apples of cheeks. 

Keep your lipstick from seeping outside of the lip line, by tracing a swab of cotton wool dipped in loose translucent powder just outside the perimeter before applying lip colour.

To clean make-up brushes pour a mild liquid soap or baby shampoo into the palm of your hand and mix with water. Use your hand as a cup for the warm soapy water and swirl brushes in your palm until they are clean. Rinse well, then gently squeeze excess water from the brush and let air dry.

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