Bed of Pleasure?

BATD ON Jul 19, 2010 AT 9:29 am

Bed Of Nails

Bed Of Nails

We’re all looking for fast ways to unwind and chill, but who knew lying on a modern-day bed of nails could achieve a state of bliss?

We’ve tested the Scandanavian made Bed of Nails, £49, and can vouch that there is a bit of ouch. However, apart from leaving our back quite literally studded with imprints (no backless dress for at least an hour afterwards), it’s not nearly as gruelling as it sounds. In fact, it’s truly quite relaxing.

On the premise that the millions of little spikes touch key pressure points and help to release endorphins – the feel good chemicals – a 20 minute lie down can leave you energised and calm. And, unlike a rigorous pressure point massage, you can at least take your painful pleasure in front of an episode of Glee; sure to add to the joy.

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