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Mimi ON Dec 15, 2010 AT 1:15 pm

Nudo Olive Oil – Adopt a tree

Nudo Olive Oil – Adopt a tree

By John Gregory Smith

Nudo Olive Oil – Adopt a tree

Olive oil always goes down well as  Christmas gift. But what about going that extra special Christmas step further and giving someone their own olive tree.

Nudo Olive Oil’s Adopt a Tree program costs £65 for the year for which each adoptive parent receives all the produce from their tree – that’s one package in the spring and one in the autumn. And of course, they’re also welcome to visit their ‘baby’ any time.

Nudo’s products are very high quality and their adoption programme also helps ensure the future of the olive groves and the livelihood of the local olive farming families in Le Marche and Abruzzo on the east coast of central Italy. It does this by purchasing the harvest of every ‘adopted’ tree at a fixed price, giving farmers in the process a higher degree of financial security. As you’d expect, the oil produced varies from grove to grove. Thus you’ll find peppery oil from Aleandri, fruity oil from Il Professore and fresh, grassy oil from La Morla, to name but a few. The programme continues to grow as new producers who share the Nudo philosophy come on board.

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