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Mimi ON Jan 26, 2012 AT 9:27 am

Shiny Hair

Shiny Hair

Having greasy hair is obviously not an ideal scenario in day to day life, however adding certain hair oils to your hair for a quick-fix treatment or overnight deep soak can be unbelievably beneficial to your hair’s condition.

With the super cold, dry weather it’s often the case that our hair takes a bit of a beating, however there a number of treatments out there that can rejuvenate your hair’s condition, making it look lustrous and healthy once more. We’d recommend trying any of these hair oils to give your bounce a boost!

Fushi Really Good Hair Oil

This hair oil is the bomb. Our Deputy Editor recently came across and now uses it weekly to add shine and restore general health. It’s certainly not the most fragrant but you can guarantee if you soak your hair in this, wrap it in a towel overnight and wash it out the next morning, you’ll be left some seriously glossy locks.


Ojon Dry Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment

Another BATD favourite, this hard butter-like oil not only smells luxurious but it leaves you hair feeling it too. It’s made with pure Ojon™ oil and all you have to do is warm a spoonful up in your hand and spread through the lengths of your hair. It’s brilliant for bring limp, lifeless and faded hair back to life. Our hair hasn’t felt so good after just one treatment, as it has done with this product

£32.50 for 100ml,

The best hair oils

The best hair oils - Fushi, Ojon, Aromatherapy Associates, Morrocan Oil Light and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Aromatherapy Associates Enrich Hair Oil

Hair oils are hot news but not all of them smell as good as they make your hair look! As you would expect, however, Enrich Hair Oil from Aromatherapy Associates smells divine and certainly works to make even the driest of hair look shiny and feel soft. Made from essential oils with nothing added, this hair oil contains ylang ylang, rosemary, geranium, and murumuru butter made from murumuru seeds which are high in oleic acid which promotes nutrition and moisturises naturally. This is made for use on dry hair and can be left on overnight – though to be honest used during the day it makes hair shiny and smell fabulous. Hair is noticeably softer, more conditioned and shinier after a few days of using it before washing – will become a firm favourite!

£24 for 50ml

Moroccan Oil Light

We use the light version of this classic as it is more suited for fine hair. It’s great to use like a serum on towel-dried hair and leaves you with really shiny, nourished hair. The best thing is that it defines and extenuates your ends, minimising the appearance of split ends and that fuzzy effect you can get after a blow-dry. We’re very impressed as we were surprised to see just how much this oil worked on fine hair, making it shiny, not greasy.


Organic Virgin Coconut oil

If you don’t have the dollar to afford the more pricy options here, why not try a homemade brew and get yourself some Organic Virgin Coconut oil. We found some at Fushi again and it’s only £5.15. The best thing is you can use it everywhere; in your hair, on your body and even in your food.


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