Beyonce Showcases New Pixie Crop

Jourdana ON Aug 08, 2013 AT 10:26 am

Beyonce sports new pixie crop

Is that really you Beyonce?

Last night via Instagram, naturally, the singer posted pictures of her newly cropped and dyed Mia-Farrow style  pixie cut. And we love it.

Because, as far back as we can recall Beyonce has sported a mass of long, sexy, Victoria’s Secret Angel esque hair. She’s worn it blown-out and bouffant, in tendrils, mermaid waves and sleek, sheeny curtains, and whilst the oversized, over-styled tresses are perfectly suited to the singer’s starry on-stage persona (we can’t even begin to imagine a Beyonce performance without a serious amount of hair flicking, swooping and swishing), this new crop feels so much more modern, fresh and timely.

Just like Farrow’s face-framing chop, Beyonce’s new pixie cut makes her cheekbones, brows and full lips pop.

We just hope that, in keeping with this new au natural style Bey’s make up also takes a turn for the minimal and if it’s not too much to ask, we’d love to see her ditch the bleach and return to her roots?

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