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Mimi ON Oct 10, 2011 AT 1:20 pm

Biba Makeup

The Biba Makeup Range

We love this new makeup collection from heritage fashion brand Biba (which was huge in the 60s), which is now being sold exclusively at House of Fraser.

Inspired by Biba’s original theme palettes of 1930’s Hollywood Glamour comes a Lip Palette, Eye Palette, Face Palette, Nail Polish Collection, Eyelash Collection and Lip Gloss Ring.

We love the five, smooth shades of the Lip Palette and the velvety mineral eyeshadows of the Eyeshadow Palette. The metallic and jewel-toned hues can also be applied with a dampened brush for a richer, more intense look.

The Face Palette is also fab with six eyeshadows, an oyster pearl highlighter, and a creamy pink blusher.

The packaging is great and with prices ranging from £15 for the Lipgloss ring to £34 for the Face Palette, it’s not super expensive either.

See the range here:

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