Bloggers In Uproar over MAC/Rodarte Range

Mimi ON Jul 19, 2010 AT 1:16 pm

MAC Rodarte Collection

MAC Rodarte Collection

With news of the horribly insensitive MAC for Rodarte Collection, the beauty blogosphere (as well as Twitter) exploded this weekend with lengthy and often thought-provoking articles on the controversy. Bloggers instantly formed solidarity with those women suffering in Juarez, expressing their collective disgust and admonishing both MAC and Rodarte for their thoughtless collection of makeup.

Mizz Worthy (of suggested that MAC and Rodarte have essentially been caught ‘attempting to glamourize the femicides and working conditions of females [in order] to sell makeup’.  British Beauty Blogger ( summed up the incredulous response of bloggers who were mystified that the masses of people working on the collection ‘couldn’t have even have done a basic Wiki search on the back story’ which would have screamed ‘Bad idea!’ from the outset. Questioning this odd decision-making process, London MakeUp Girl (www.londonmakeupgirl) offered that ‘the cynic in me suspects they knew the furore the names would cause but thought that the buzz would just heighten interest in the collection’.

Across the pond, blogger Socialite Dreams ( drew a startling comparison with her suggestion that MAC and Rodarte’s exploitation of the situation in Juarez is akin to ‘[creating] a “Special Edition 9/11 collection” with gorgeous colors like “Bodies on Fire” red lipstick, “Smoke Inhalation” grey eyeshadow, etc’.

The MAC for Rodarte story initially broke last Friday when Temptalia (of published press releases from both MAC and Rodarte, admitting fault and offering partial compensation by way of donating an unknown ‘portion’ of sales to the efforts in Juarez.

If anything, these throw-away statements only served to ignite the blogger community (and their readers) further. Responding to the story on, reader Ali noted that the collection may have been acceptable ‘had M.A.C. and Rodarte been using this collection as a fund raising tool [...] in Juarez. Instead, they’re backpedalling after the fact in an effort to save face.’ Having championed the fight against AIDS for years with their Viva Glam campaign, many found it astonishing that MAC would stand to gain profit from an equally horrific epidemic. Said; ‘It’s equally a travesty that all the great things MAC have done over the years with the MAC Aids fund (and Viva Glam) could instantly be forgotten in one fell, ill-considered swoop.’

Memorials to those murdered

Memorials to those murdered

The entire affair has thrown into question not only the intelligence of an entire corporate machine but the mindset of the fashion industry as a whole. Let’s not forget that Rodarte had released this clothing collection to no (negative) critical reaction at all. The Beauty Button ( highlighted’s review of the collection that made absolutely no reference to ‘the darker, sinister, murderous nature’ of Rodarte’s clothing inspiration. Proving the perspective of a fashion insider, A Model Recommends ( remarked upon ‘the totally irresponsible way in which fashion draws its ‘artistic’ inspiration. [...] There is something just fundamentally wrong and abhorrent about taking misfortune and using it to feed the world’s hungry vanity’.

Reaction from readers has been swift and damning across the board, calls for boycotts and comments such as ‘They’re not getting any of my money. Disgusting.’ ( are common and can be found in their hundreds (if not thousands) across beauty blogs.

If one thing has become clear throughout this entire affair, it is that the beauty community is not one to take things lying down. Beauty blogs are written in order to allow consumers to make informed decisions about their purchases and this disappointing episode serves to compound the fact.  Gone are the days when stories such as this one would go unnoticed by the general population, we hope both MAC and Rodarte take the necessary steps to remedy this ill-thought business venture.

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