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Mimi ON Nov 21, 2008 AT 5:18 pm

Nail Varnish

Nail Varnish

Beauty Bloggers are no new phenomena to savvy New Yorkers. They all got mightily upset, though when The New York Times published an article about their blogging activities, entitled, “Swag, please.” The general tone of the feature was that beauty bloggers are hobbyist writers desperate for free beauty goodies. While there will always be a few ‘rogue traders’, on the whole, USA beauty bloggers have presented a welcome new voice in the beauty world. Naturally, in all things beauty, at least, where America leads, we follow.

While Mimi and BeautyBitch are no strangers to an honest review, a small, but significant crop of British beauty bloggers are popping up to voice their opinions on the latest and greatest in beauty. Easily the best so far is Cult-Beauty (, not only for their incredible breadth of knowledge, but also edgy visuals and quirky picks that quickly becomes an untamable habit for beauty junkies everywhere.

We also love BritishBeautyBlogger ( from a beauty insider who tells it like it is, and because it’s from the inside, this blog often gives tasty morsels of future collections, hard to find brands and bargains. Across the pond, we like Blogdorfgoodman ( – one the most famous in the USA, and the bonkers but brilliant Jetset Girls (

One of the bugbears of fans who read blogs is the non-disclosure that products have been sent by PR companies for review. A stateside Lancome blogger press trip sent forth a spew of favorable reviews for all things Lancome; likewise the Chanel trip (where USA bloggers were whisked to Paris) ensured that Chanel fragrance appeared in abundance. Sussed readers (and other bloggers) won’t put up with this for a nano-second. BritishBeautyBlogger says, “I have only ever been sent one product specifically to review on my blog so far!

PR companies are being told to court the bloggers by clients – particularly multi-nationals – because they can see the whole blog thing is about to take off here, but to be honest, so far I really haven’t had a whole lot of ‘swag’! I do suspect though, that the PRs read my blog, because if I ever say anything negative, there are immediately comments letting me know I’m obviously wrong! All my reviews come from products that I am sent as a beauty writer, so they are ‘freebies’, but I’ve just got far more license on the blog to say what I really think. Which I think cancels out whether they are free or not.” Is she thinking about disclosing in the future? “No, I don’t think so. It wouldn’t alter what I say. Everyone knows I say exactly what’s on my mind!”

While there is a malicious minority in the beauty blogging world who love to vent their spleens about particular brands, the majority are just genuine aficionados of skincare, make up, hair and fragrance, and want to share their thoughts and finds. And, since here at Beautyandthedirt, that’s exactly what we love, we’re happy to spread the gorgeous word.

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