Bobbi Brown Brings Back Lip Colour

Mimi ON Oct 18, 2012 AT 2:44 pm

Bobbi Brown Brings Back Lip Colour

The perfect lip colour is not something you find, nor give up on finding, easily. So when you happen upon the shade that perfectly enhances your lips, brightens your skin and whitens your eyes it understandably becomes a failsafe purchase. Bobbi Brown understands what the perfect lipstick means to women which is why, earlier this year, she offered fans the chance to bring back the lip shades that they loved but are no longer part of the existing collection.

So, back by popular demand are six of Bobbi Brown’s discontinued lip colours; Blush, Tulip, Wine, Clove, Tulle Brown and Scarlet The shades are available for a limited time only and can be bought exclusively through the brand’s Facebook page until December 31st.

Time to reinstate your signature lip – oh and stock up.

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