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BATD ON Jul 06, 2010 AT 10:00 am

BB Mending Range

BB Mending Range

The newest range from Bumble & Bumble Hair Care is Wear & Care, targeted at damaged and dry hair.

Summer hair always leans towards frizzy; in fact, a humid day is a frizz-fest. Split into two ranges, Mending and Quenching, each targets your most dire hair horror.

Mending repairs chemically damaged hair by using a potent blend of ingredients that penetrate the core of the hair shaft and attach to broken protein bonds, helping to mend and strengthen weakened strands. It also adds shine, and at the same time, seals the hair cuticles to protect against heat damage. Whew!

BB Quenching Range

BB Quenching Range

Quenching replenishes heat weary locks with super-saturating ingredients including an advanced lipid blend that works like glue to rebuild the moisture barrier. To be honest, we’re wondering why you’d ever need to visit the salon again – oh, yes…the cutting. Don’t try that one at home, folks, but do start being your own hair expert and give your locks a make over.

From £21 at from 21st July.

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