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With the constant worry of parabens and other skin nasties in the back of our minds, when it comes to skincare we’d much rather opt for the ‘natural’ route, knowing exactly what we’re slathering on our faces. If you’re still in doubt about going green, fab range Botanicals may just convince you.  Founded by Wendy Stirling in 2003 she said: “We are passionate about finding and utilising the most high-performing ingredients available in nature,” while only small batches are produced to ensure maximum freshness.

From the two ranges, Chamomile & Mandarin and Rose and Camellia we love the latter, our star product is the Deep Cleansing Melt (£14.95). Straight away you’re hit with the fresh rosy scent, followed by the rich almost balm-like texture. Designed to be used as a cleanser, which when applied dissolves into the skin removing make-up  and impurities.

We’re also big fans of facial sprays and oils so were pleased to see the range also includes a refreshing Hydrating and Clarifying Mist (£14.95)and a Rejuvenating Facial Serum (£16.50). While a little sample ‘try me set’ is also available so you can try before you buy as it were.

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