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BATD ON Apr 05, 2010 AT 9:45 am

Bow Barette

Whoo – if you’re anything like us, keeping up with hair trends is virtually a full time job. Loose buns, Farrah flicks and farm girl curls are just some of the styles we need to get round our heads.

But, we’ve noticed the Babyliss range of Tribal accessories - and this leopard print bow especially – to give a safari kick to our pony.

Priced at £4.50, its cheaper than a new do any day of the week and one of the best quick fixes with a catwalk angle we’ve seen in a while.

Look out too for the Babyliss Multi Colour Head Wrap and Neutral Headbands for an easy way to click into the fashion moment.

Click here to see more accessories in the Babyliss range…

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