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BATD ON Apr 20, 2009 AT 9:54 am

Miracle in a Box

Miracle in a Box

It’s always exciting when the postie delivers a parcel; but it’s pretty mind blowing when it contains the secrets to saying slim. Celebrity life coach, Ali Campbell’s Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets contains all you need to know about how the skinny stay that way. And, there’s no excruciatingly dull diet involved.

It’s all a question of mind over matter, and using a blend of reading (the book), watching (the DVDs) and listening (to the CDs), Ali spills the beans on how he helps the rich and famous beat the bulge.

 Along with the box comes automatic membership to the community based website( that’s updated regularly with tips and hints. At £79.95, it’s a whole lot cheaper than that gym membership with none of the sweat or spinning involved either.

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