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by Annie Vischer

Burberry have an early little Christmas treat for us. And it is open today. Introducing the Burberry Beauty Box, which has taken up residence in London’s festive Covent Garden. Here you will be able to get our hands on the full Burberry Beauty collection of make up and fragrance, limited edition beauty products as well as a selection of Burberry accessories including sunglasses, scarves and bags that will be exclusive to the Burberry Beauty Box.

The rather unique format of the store brings the Burberry fashion lines together with its beauty collection, merging them together in both physical and digital experiences for the customer. Of the new concept, Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey says ‘The Burberry Beauty Box brings together our fashion and beauty worlds, merging physical and digital experiences that allow people to explore and combine Burberry make up, fragrance and accessories in new, playful and exciting ways.’

It is clear that the brand have made efforts to really marry their own worlds of beauty and fashion. Take their recent Runway Made to Order service. This allows you to purchase beauty products that they see used for the runway looks online, immediately after the Burberry womenswear shows themselves. This innovation brings Burberry to the forefront of the ‘See, want, buy’ culture in the beauty world.

Burberry Beauty Box

Burberry Beauty Box

The Burberry Beauty Box is home to the Beauty Box Bar, where you can seek the help of a Beauty Stylist in putting together the perfect gift, or a tailored selection of products for yourself. Next up is the Digital Runway Nail Bar. Now this takes the simple little act of choosing a nail polish to a whole other level. Think a nail bar meets Star Trek. You pop a Burberry nail polish of your choice onto an RFID-enabled platform, select your skin-tone, and see what the colour would look like on your own nail. Mind blown? Us too. What’s more, the Runway Nail Service means you can indulge in a shape and colour mini manicure with whichever shade you fall in love with.

Fragrance of course plays a huge part in the Burberry beauty world, and needless to say the Burberry Beauty Box offers a unique beauty experience in this beautifully scented area too. You can enjoy a complimentary one-to-one consultation with a Burberry Beauty Stylist who will help you discover your ideal Burberry fragrance, or choose the perfect scent for someone else.

Oh and there’s more. The Burberry Beauty Box also offers a Beauty Styling experience, whereby you are invited to try out the signature Burberry looks and monthly colour trends, with a new look being revealed each month. First up we have ‘Brit’, a rebellious look rooted in the music scene. Next we have ‘Body’, a natural look, think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Burberry Body campaign look. ‘Tender’ is a fresh and dewy look, and ‘Icon’ takes inspiration from the Burberry icons to provide a look of timeless beauty.

If all you are looking for is a quick beauty pick-me-up mid-way through your fantastically glamorous yet slightly frenzied day of shopping, the Burberry Beauty Box has it covered. The Burberry Beauty Refresh is an express service that refreshes and enhances skin, eyes and lips with the highly acclaimed products from the Burberry make up collection. You will feel as though an ever-so sophisticated fairy godmother (possibly clad in a Burberry Prorsum trench) has waved her wand and transformed you. And if you are keen to learn a little more about the collection and the best way to apply, blend and finish your look, more extensive one-to-one appointments are available, that combine professional make-up skills with fashion styling expertise in a dedicated space on the first floor that glows in the light of the skylights. Who could resist the chance to be fashioned with the latest Burberry beauty and accessories?

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