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Mimi ON Jun 25, 2009 AT 9:19 am

Label.m Organic Body Butter

Label.m Organic Body Butter

Having dry skin, my bathroom cabinet is constantly overflowing with endless bottles of lotions and potions, but I’ve recently comes across a moisturiser that now takes pride of place amongst the clutter, and surprisingly enough, it’s made by Toni and Guy. Whenever those scissor-handed geniuses at Toni and Guy get to work on my locks, one thing I always notice is the incredible softness of my hair, and now they’ve come up with a product that can have the same effect on your skin.

Label.m Organic Body Butter is a moisturiser with a difference. Its unique consistency works by priming the epidermal layer to leave skin looking fabulous and glowing with health. I’ve fallen in love with the fresh fragrance and non-greasy texture, while my neat-freak boyfriend has also given the slim-line bottle his seal of approval. I’d say it’s Game, Set and Match to Toni and Guy!

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