Bye Bye Boys!

BATD ON May 07, 2010 AT 9:30 am

Whether you are married, single or other, it is just over a month before you can kiss goodbye to any sensible streams of conversation from the men in your life. When the Fifa World Cup strikes on 11th June, we’ll be relegated to a quiet corner of the sofa and all but forgotten til 11th July. But, whether you love football or not, we’re getting into the spirit of things by seeing this as a beauty opportunity that will make us look supportive if not informed. Check out my top picks for patriotic pampering and primping that won’t help uncover the vagueries of the off-side rule but will lessen your chances of relegation.

Natural Empathy Top To Toe Wash

Cedarwood, lavender and patchouli organic essential oils combined with extra virgin rape seed oil make for a heavenly shower that leaves skin scented and soft. Rape seed is the UK’s answer to olive oil and said to be richer in nutrients and easier on our carbon footprint. I love this Union Jack packaging and the fact that Natural Empathy donates £2 from each sale to the fab charity, Help For Heroes. £12,

W7 England Lashes

I’ve already noticed that these will work if you are Japanese, too! Let’s just imagine for a moment that England get somewhere near an exciting phase of the tournament, then I might be persuaded that these England Lashes are just the thing to score some patriot points. £4.95, 01753 639137 for stockists.

Steam Cream Freedom & Discipline Design

Steam Cream is a runaway success for its ultra-light and glossy texture. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients, including oatmeal and orange flower water are blended with steam to make a loose cream that penetrates quickly and easily. A recent collaboration with PPQ has hit the fashion headlines, but for lessening my chances of relegation, I’m picking this Union Jack design. £10,

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