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Mimi ON Jan 13, 2010 AT 6:00 pm

Time Zone Anti-Wrinkle Eye Creme

Time Zone Anti-Wrinkle Eye Creme

By Tamara Hinson

When it comes to eye creams, creating a product that reduces puffiness must be considerably easier than creating one that smoothes those pesky lines. Although I hate having dark patches around my eyes, if it were a toss-up between the two, I’d go for shadows every time. Dark areas can be concealed with light-reflecting concealers and brightened with eye masks, but lines are a whole different ball game – causing foundation to gather, as well as instantly making you look tired and older.
The folks at Estee Lauder claim their new Time Zone Anti-Wrinkle Eye Creme can dramatically improve the appearance of these fine lines, thanks to some hi-tech ingredients – namely something called TriHyaluronic Complex. The video on their website certainly looked impressive – promising dramatic results in four weeks – so I was keen to see for myself if the product lived up to the hype. As someone that finds many anti-wrinkle eye creams heavy on the skin, I found this cream surprisingly light. In addition to some fine lines, since Christmas I’ve also developed dry patches around my eyes and I was delighted to find a few dabs of this cream restored the skin to its nourished former glory. (The blurb tells me that biomimetic barrier lipids are to thank for this.)

And the wrinkles? I can report that they’ve definitely faded, and after several years of frittering my money away on various wrinkle-busters for the eye area, I honestly think I’ve finally found a product that works. Although it’s marketed as an anti-wrinkle cream, I’d recommend this to anyone looking for an all round product for the eyes as the overall appearance of my eyes has definitely improved, with the skin appearing brighter and healthier.


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