CB I Hate Perfume at Liberty

Mimi ON Mar 25, 2010 AT 7:05 pm

CB I Hate Perfume

The creator of this brand, Christopher Brosius, is quite the character and his brand completely reflects this. The scents have been developed from all sorts of aspects of his eclectic life; from being a Cab Driver to working at Barney’s and Keihl’s to living in Pennsylvania. I met Christopher when he had the Demeter fragrances in New York a long time ago, my favourite then was Rain and Gin & Tonic.

His main ethos revolves around his hatred for mainstream perfumes, which he first picked up from working as a Cabby in NY. He says: “Perfume is too often an ethereal corset trapping everyone in the same unnatural shape.”

He seems to see fragrance as a much more intimate addition to your persona than maybe the larger brands would lead you to believe and he clearly has a nose for creating the most unusual scents. He’s even won two Fragrance Foundation awards for his interpretation of ‘Snow’ to prove it!

Examples of the scents he’s created in the past are; I am a Dandelion, Russian Caravan Tea, The Beach 1966 and Reinvention.

His website quotes “perfume is a veil that reveals the soul”… well I’m not sure ‘I am a Dandelion’ but I completely appreciate what he has tried, and succeeded, to do. He’s pushing boundaries and allowing everyone the chance to use their own scent as a teaser into their personality. There’s some hardcore philosophy behind what he does and I love it! Plus the packaging is lovely and alchemic is appearance, very simple and clinical, allowing all the focus to go towards the perfume rather than the aesthetics.

We love the idea of these scents, as does our lovely perfume columnist Katie Puckrik! They look very unique and have a range of perfumes that have been developed to allow anyone to express themselves, whether that’s smelling of Gingerbread or a Fire from Heaven, you choose! Eitherway it’s set to become a cult brand in UK in the future so keep a look out for it.

CB I Hate Perfume will available at Liberty.

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