Challenge Your Beauty Essentials: The Outcome

BATD ON Aug 30, 2013 AT 3:07 pm

Having previously explained just how reliant we are on beauty essentials (body wash, toothpaste, deodorant), and yet just how little thought we put into their purchase, and indeed their efficacy, I agreed to put Sure Deodorant Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh to the test.
Typically choosing deodorant on the scent, (I assume they all keep you dry and fresh because, well, that’s what they’re made for), Sure Maximum Protection promises to go above and beyond any regular offering. In fact, it promises twice the dryness of the current market leader. And so to the beauty challenge. . . Hosting a barbeque, mid summer sizzle, for a whole gaggle of friends, family and partners-in-crime.

The perfect hostess

Now let it be known that I’m a planner. But despite recipes having been chosen (for both food and drink), shopping lists made and a number of supermarket and wine merchants visited in advance, BBQ’s by their very nature are somewhat chaotic. And chaos is not something a take to very well. And so it was that Friday night came around and whilst scribbling out yet another to-do list, I applied Sure Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh.

Yes, it felt slightly peculiar applying deodorant before clambering under the duvet, however having been informed that the TRIsolid formula adjusts to the body more effectively when it is in rest mode, and lasts throughout the following day, even after a shower, I felt suitably assured.

As an aerosol deodorant kinda girl, I had envisaged that the cream formula would take some getting used to. And yet, it applied lightly, absorbed instantly and felt as light as my spritz alternatives. And the scent was fresh and subtle.

Morning came, the sun (as predicted) was shining and there was food to be cooked, cocktails to be mixed and tables to be set. Large leafy salads were topped with aubergine, feta and pomegranate, homemade dips were blended and crudites were chopped. The charcoal was lit,  bottles of prosecco were popped and as guests started to arrive the pre-marinated meats were added to the grill. As the temperatures rose (both in the garden and the kitchen), spritzers kept me refreshed and Sure helped me to keep my cool.

From noon until after midnight, when the last of the bottles were emptied and the remaining guests called taxis, I hadn’t once stopped to freshen up, or even considered having to.

And that, is exactly how it should be, when beauty essentials go above and beyond the call of duty.

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