Challenge Your Beauty Essentials

BATD ON Aug 09, 2013 AT 6:34 am

Deodorant, along with toothpaste and shower gel, gets something of a raw deal in the beauty sphere.

Despite being truly fundamental to our daily beauty regimes, compared to the lovingly bought and applied serums, moisturisers and foundation, the products essential to keeping us clean and fresh barely warrant a second thought.

Challenge your deodorant

Without question, we just assume they’re up to the job (that’s what they’re made for, isn’t it?). So it’s really rather nice when something comes along that not only does what it says, but goes above and beyond the call of beauty duty.

And that’s where Sure’s new range of Maximum Protection deodorants come into play.

With a variety of options to choose from, including Confidence, Sensitive Dry, Clean Fresh Scent and Everyday Fresh,  Sure Maximum Protection promises twice the protection against sweat (sorry) perspiration, as the current market leader. Thanks to a TRIsolid formula that includes patented odour-protecting microcapsules that dissolve sweat to keep your sweet-smelling, a skin conditioning ingredient that stops skin from becoming irritable and a potent extra-strength dryness protection, which keeps you, well, dry.  Meaning 48 hour fresh, dry and sweat-free underarms no matter what you’re up against.

Sure Women Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh Deodorant

Quite a claim. But as we said, typically we don’t question the efficacy of our beauty basics. Until now.

So, to put Sure Maximum Protection to the test I’ve graciously offered to host a day-long bbq for friends, family and significant pets, lovers and others. And should the current summer temperatures not be challenge enough for the Everyday Fresh deodorant, I’ll also (typically) be in charge of the food, drink, entertainment and bbq. Phew. I’m praying for sunshine and laughter, and determined to avoid sweat and hair/eyebrow singeing. Wish me luck.

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant, £5.10 available nationwide. For more info head to


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