Channelling Vintage Charm

BATD ON Apr 17, 2009 AT 9:45 am

Love That Red by Revlon

Love That Red by Revlon

Some call it vintage, others called it ancient tat. But, which ever way you swing in wearing pre-loved, Revlon’s latest cosmetic launch will have you reviving the 50′s in style.

Fuschia Cherries In The Snow nail enamel has never gone away since it’s conception way back when Doris Day ruled the big screen, but the lipstick somehow fell by the wayside. Now, it’s been revived from the Revlon archives (along with Love That Red) and goes on sale this month as a shocking pink/red hybrid that’s everything glamour.

As the original ad said, discover the “secret, siren side of you that’s as female as a silken cat.” Quite. We couldn’t put it better ourselves. £7.13, stockists: 0800 085 2716.

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