Classic David Beckham

BATD ON Jul 25, 2013 AT 10:39 am

As excited as we are for the reveal of the new scent from David Beckham – we’re even more interested in the steamy (shirtless) advertisement. Renowned for his innate fashion sense – or his killer body – Beckham’s undeniable allure can be attributed to his clean, sharp – if you will – classic taste.

David Beckham Classic

Not only does the handsome soccer sensation fancy classic clothing to cover up his washboard abs – although we’d prefer he left them bare – but he also prefers a classic scent. Inspired by his flawless style, David Beckham Classic, has an ultra-fresh feel. Think just-showered-boy with a hint of woody cologne, spice and citrus top notes.

Add to his fragrance collection, you he won’t regret it.

David Beckham Classic, EDT from £19.99 for 40ml, available 31st July, nationwide. 

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