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by Chrissy Iley

Over the past few months something has been slowly and stealthily creeping upon me: a hair colour dependency.

Ever since I started seeing William at John Frieda, New Cavendish Street (full name Mark William Selley) my hair started to look more alive, more subtle yet more dramatic. The colour was so precise and almost are I say it, natural looking. I was very pleased, very satisfied.

And then a hair emergency occurred. I was having my roots done in LA. I tried to insist that the colour they used made my hair too soft, too static, too limp. They tried a different brand and the result was terrifying. I have honey blonde with pale gold highlights and in an instant I had maroon roots. I’m talking the kind of colour that is completely unnatural and undesirable, the kind of roots that I call Paul McCartney-esque. They might have meant to be brown but they are in fact maroon.

John Frieda Salon

John Frieda Salon

I called John Frieda in London for counselling. Either the colour had to be stripped or more highlights put in to disguise it. I was afraid to do anything until I came back for William to save me. Very, very swiftly and efficiently, which is the other thing I love, he seems to defy science by making processing quicker and easier. He renovated my hair to its former glory, so much so that I’ve now become hair dependent.

Whenever I leave the country I need to have William attending to my roots the day before whether they need doing or not. I have been telling William how much he would love LA as I am formulating a vague plan to kidnap him. But for now, while I’m not in London, anyone who wants beautifully coloured hair should visit William for his magic dust. Handsome, engaging, fun to hang out with, mood lifting and hair transforming. What more could anyone want?

John Frieda, 75 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6XA. Tel: 020 7636 1401.

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