Colour Review: Karine Jackson

Mimi ON Feb 02, 2012 AT 2:33 pm

Karine Jackson's salon

Karine Jackson's salon

You might have heard that our Deputy Editor Emma was planning on going back blonde having died her hair red last year… Well she’s done it with the help of the amazing Karine Jackson and you can see what she thought of her experience below…

By Emma Skipper

Ever since I head home for Christmas and got a righteous telling off from my parents for going red-head, I’ve been thinking of going back to my original blonde roots (yes I’m a full grown adult but I also wanted my Christmas presents so you’ll forgive me for not wanting to rock the boat too much). My blonding roots made me look grey against the red and the condition of my hair was pretty abysmal as well, so I decided to head down to Karine Jackson in Covent Garden to sort out my messed up locks and go back blonde. In my previous post you will see that Karine prescribed me a number of products from Organic Colour Systems Aqua Boost range to make sure that my hair was is a better condition to take the dye when the time came to colour it. Well, I used the Aqua boost range for over a week and really noticed a difference, the range is really brilliant for dry, lack-lustre hair.

Red to Blonde hair Karine Jackson

On the left - my red hair. On the right my new 'Karine' strawberry blonde locks

Having prepped my hair pre-appointment, I head to the salon after work was met by the lovely Karine. I was immediately impressed with the sheer efficiency of the process, without any sacrifice to quality and attention to detail. Karine and her assistant already knew the colours we had gone for in my consultation so they got to work on a full head of highlights straight away. Within about 40 minutes my hair was completely covered in foils having applied the Organic Colour Systems dye (that used an oxidation process rather than ammonia to lighten the hair strands). The best thing about the dye is that it didn’t smell at all – and coming from a seasoned ’highlighterer’ that HATES the smell of ammonia, this was amazing! The foils were then heated gently for 25 mins and I was done. A full on wash, condition, treatment and tone (to make sure my roots weren’t über blonde as they were virgin hair) in the separate washing room downstairs (which was dark and so relaxing I actually fell asleep!) and I was ready for styling.

Karine Jackson herself

Karine Jackson - the go-to lady for Organic hair dye

I only wanted a quick trim and that’s exactly what Karine gave me. There was a complete respect that I wanted to retain my length, something which some ‘snip-happy’ (as Karine described them) hairdressers just can’t seem to adhere to and again, I was very impressed. She didn’t seem to chop much off but boy, did my hair look brilliant. The lightened colour retained some of the red, leaving me with a lovely light strawberry blonde and the ends looked clean and healthy. I honestly couldn’t recommend heading down and sorting your colour out with this maestro enough!!

I head in at 5.30pm and, having had a full head of highlights, wash and bowdry, was out by 7.15pm with the perfect head of highlighted hair. Really very impressive and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in Organic hair dye or for anyone looking for the perfect look for the impending and dreaded Valentine’s Day.

For more information, please visit

Karine Jackson
24 Litchfield Street

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