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Mimi ON Feb 03, 2010 AT 4:22 pm

Wild Rose Elixir

Wild Rose Elixir

By Tamara Hinson

This Valentine’s Day, the one thing I can rely on is that my boyfriend will forget to buy me flowers, chocolates, or probably even a card. To be honest I’ve never cared that much for flowers (this could all stem from an incident where I found out the first bunch of flowers given to me a boy turned out to be stolen from the local graveyard.) Either way I’m perfectly happy as this year, I’ve decided to look after number one and treat myself to some roses in another form – Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Elixir.

Made with rosehip oil, anti-oxidant turmeric and a healthy dose of vitamin C, this lighter-than-air skin treat smoothes the appearance of fine lines while restoring moisture levels and providing deep down nourishment with an out-of-this-world fragrance. If that’s not enough, a heavenly combination of geranium, patchouli and frankincense essential oils de-stresses and calms – perfect for soothing the frayed nerves brought on by forgetful other halves.  The range comprises an elixir for the face as well as a cocoa butter infused option for the body, and both are available from the 10th of Feb. Who needs boyfriends when you’ve got Neal’s Yard?

The Wild Rose Beauty Elixir and Wild Rose Body Elixir costs £42.50 and £27.50 respectively and are available from the 10th February. See  for more information.

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