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Psychologies, the magazine has teamed up with health club The Third Space to create a revolutionary mind and body-boosting work-out.

It’s called ‘Contempowerplation’, and it’s the ultimate all over work-out – meaning that those with busy lifestyles can give themselves head to toe training in just one class. I went along to try out the class myself and see how it made me feel.

Info on the class:
Taken barefoot, the class combines high intensity weight bearing with flexibility training and guided meditation with breathing exercises. This unique balance of physical and mental techniques is designed to reduce stress and improve concentration, leaving you feeling focused, invigorated and ready to take on the day.

The class has been created and is taken by Mez, who is really interesting to listen to. Her vast experience of exercise throughout her own life lead her to design a class that focused on the inner as well as outer body experience. She found that when she stopped killing herself with vigorous gym routines and lifting heavy weights and switched to yoga her body responded better and she lost weight without even thinking about it.

The Third Space

The Third Space

The first half of the class focuses on a blend of movement, breathing and meditation exercises. Slow fluid movements combined with pranyama practices are designed to promote the correct flow of Qi, to both calm the mind and increase energy levels in the body (Qi is the circulating life force, or energy flow, in the practice of Tai Chi).

The second phase of the class concentrates on high intensity, functional, core-induced motion and strengthening exercises targeting the abs and love handles.  Each exercise will engage the chakras, enhancing the flow of energy to connect the body with the mind for the entire class. I enjoyed the one class I took, but found it hard to switch off and clear my mind at the start of a busy day ahead and would probably have preferred to take it on the weekend. An interesting and more physical alternative to a meditation class.

The programme, available to Psychologies readers and The Third Space members, will start on September 14th and will continue throughout the season on a rolling six week basis.

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