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Mimi ON Feb 03, 2010 AT 9:00 am

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer

By Tamara Hinson 

When it comes to choosing concealers or foundations with extra coverage, I’ve always accepted that covering my blemishes is the lesser of two evils – my sensitive skin means I’m probably going to react to the product in some way but at least I’ll be hiding those pesky imperfections. Well, things might just be about to change, as Bourjois have created a new foundation and concealer designed to boost radiance and improve skin condition whilst still providing that all-important coverage.

The Healthy Mix Foundation comes in eight shades and contains apricot to boost radiance, apple for its antioxidant properties and ginger to tone. The Healthy Mix Concealer is available in three shades and uses the same ingredients but with the addition of raspberry, which is known for its ability to boost circulation, thereby improving radiance while also effortlessly hiding any blemishes.

Admittedly it’s early days but I love the light, creamy consistency of both the concealer and foundation, as well as their ability to instantly boost radiance while making those annoying imperfections disappear.
The Healthy Mix foundation and concealer costs £10.99 and £6.99 respectively and are available nationwide from next week.

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