Daisy, Daisy

Mimi ON Apr 21, 2011 AT 9:00 am

Fearne Cotton with her Silk Daisy Chain

Fearne Cotton with her Silk Daisy Chain

Seventies inspired maxi dress. Check.

Flat gladiator sandals. Check.

Henna tattoos in peace symbols. Check.

Wait a minute; you aren’t quite ready for the ultimate festival look without this beautiful Silk Daisy Chain from Spotted Cow Creations.

We hear that Fearne Cotton and Marina Diamandis (from Marina and the Diamonds) are already fans of the ethereal flowers; these are much more practical than real daisies which let’s face it, are happier in the ground.

The silk petal daisies can be twined around your arms, wrists or in your hair for flower-power look that doesn’t need watering!


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