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Dakota and Kristen

They grow up so fast! I remember when little Dakota Fanning was just a kid, taking charge of the big screen like she was a pro. Now she’s (almost) all grown up, and taking on some more hard-core roles. But before we get caught up in Twilight mania or the Runaways excitement, lets take a look back at the powerhouse of a little girl that Miss Fanning has always been.

Getting started with professional acting at the mere age of five, this youngster knew what she wanted. After success at a local children’s theatre, her parents let her audition for a commercial, a role that she snagged. After this, she was picked to be in several small roles, getting her big break only a few projects later.

Playing Sean Penn’s daughter in the emotional flick I Am Sam, the pint-sized actress became the youngest person ever nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award. Obviously, she didn’t stop there. Since then, Fanning has been in a wide range of genres, with films including Sweet Home Alabama, Cat in the Hat, Uptown Girls, War of the Worlds and the animated feature Coraline.

These films have earned her several awards, including the Best Young Actress award from the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Because she was so young when she got this honour, she couldn’t reach the microphone to give an acceptance speech. Being the chivalrous gentleman that he his, the presenter of the award, Orlando Bloom, held the her up so she could say a few, or rather more than a few words. Talk about precious!

Now Fanning is a young lady and tall enough, I’m sure, to reach most microphones on her own. She is certainly embracing her teen years by portraying Volturi Vampire Jane in the Twilight instalments Eclipse and New Moon, but we can tell adulthood isn’t far off. Her depiction of rocker Cherie Currie in The Runaways is anything but juvenile. She admitted that she put a lot of research into her role, wanting to get as close to Currie’s natural habits and actions as possible.

Eclipse is in cinemas in the UK July.

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