Dare To Bare: Oh So Vein

BATD ON Jul 14, 2013 AT 9:41 pm

If you are anything like us, and by that I mean human, then you’ll no doubt be having last minute bikini-body baring panics. No matter how strict you have been with your diet nor how hardcore you’ve been going at it in the gym, for most of us there are a slew of body issues that arise when it comes to stripping off. But this is the year to take action, so whether you have a month to go until the big reveal, or just a couple of days or weeks, we show you that, with just a little beauty insider know-how, you can boost your body confidence for good.

Dare To Bare


Creeping blue and green veins, whether they’re of the varicose or thread vein variety, appearing on either your face or your legs, can be both painful and unsightly. The bruised-looking, spidery brutes, thought to be triggered by a number of causes, from hormones to weight fluctuations, pregnancy or simple genetics, don’t have to hold you hostage, hidden under 40 denier wraps.

For long-wearing, clever concealing we swear by Estee Lauder‘s Double Wear Maximum Protection Face and Body Camouflage Makeup, £27.50. With SPF 15, a full-coverage but non cakey formula and up-to 12 hour staying power this smooths over obvious discolouration. Vichy’s Dermablend Corrective Foundation £15.50 also offers total coverage with a light, blendable, moisturising texture.

For a more permanent solution, book yourself an appointment at Dr Newman’s Clinic. A pioneer in vein removal technology, Dr Brian Newman has developed a Thermocoagulation technique, called Veinwave, which completely destroys thread veins in a matter of seconds, causing them to vanish instantly.  Sounds too good to be true?

Well, after having my GP confirm that the non-painful, but rather unseemly green squiggles that had appeared on the inside of my knee and around my ankle were in no way a health issue, I headed to see Dr Newman. After analysing said veins under a UV magnifying camera, he confirmed that they were nothing to concern myself with, but were easily treatable with Veinwave.

The thermocaoagulation process uses a microwave of electrical current to transfer heat into the vein, causing it to burst. The blood then leaks out into the surrounding skin tissue before being absorbed by the body  - and for any remaining discolouration – a second appointment, where a saline solution is injected into the area will target any remnants.

And so, a couple of weeks later, I found myself back on the treatment bed watching – on a monitor – a miniscule, hair-thin needle slide, at various points, into my scrawling vein, which then disappeared. Completely. With barely a scratch to the skin (I’ve had eyebrow threading that has been more uncomfortable – although there may be more sensitivity with thread veins on the face) there was no need for even a topical anaesthetic. And within minutes I was pulling my jeans back up with nothing but a warm sensation as a reminder of where my vein used to be.

Dr Newman’s Clinic, www.drnewmansclinic.co.ukInitial consultation £200 (£250 to be consulted by Dr Brian Newman), treatment £395 per treatment (£450 to be treated by Dr Brian Newman)


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