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Mimi ON Mar 15, 2010 AT 9:50 am

Dove Treatments

You’ll be hard pushed to find someone who hasn’t used a Dove skincare product, but their numerous Dove Spas have somehow remained beneath the radar. With 25 spas throughout the UK, I decided it was about time to check out my local one in Chiswick, West London. Seeing as I’ve recently been making an extra effort to cut down on my alcohol consumption and generally get fitter, I opted for the Body Detox Mud Treatment, which promised to kick-start my circulation with a vigorous body buff and mud wrap.  Best of all, this treatment costs just £39 if you book an appointment before the end of March, and for an hour long treatment at a London spa, that’s about as good as it gets. 

Arriving at the spa, my first impression was that the rooms were slightly on the small side. I realise that city centre spas are often short on space, but the rooms definitely felt a bit cluttered. The annoying thing was that they were all things which could have been easily rectified if someone had just taken a few minutes to have a quick tidy-up, such as the cupboard that had been left open or the tatty print-out listing the various procedures for staff.

Dove Spa

Aisling, my therapist, took a few moments to ask be about any particular areas of concern before the treatment began. After stripping down to my underwear and hopping up onto the bed, Aisling used exfoliating mitts to apply Tisserand’s Detox Body Massage Oil, which smelt – and felt -  amazing on my sluggish, neglected skin. The oil was smoothed into my arms, legs, tummy and shoulders before being wiped off. An all-over detoxifying mud wrap was then brushed on, and while I was left to marinade I was treated to a surprisingly thorough “mini facial” which used Dove Spa’s fabulous Heat of the Moment Self Warming Cleanser to gently open pores and help draw out impurities. I’ll admit to a moment of panic when Aisling warned me, while removing the wrap, that the detoxifying properties of the treatment might mean a few more trips to the toilet than usual, but luckily the only result was super smooth skin and a glow that was still earning me complements several days later.

A week later, I visited another (non-Dove) spa and discussed my experience with the therapist. She described Dove spas as “bread and butter spas” – not a criticism but simply an observation that at their spas, what you see is what you get – simple, no frills treatments without the fuss. I tend to agree. While I definitely feel the Chiswick spa could benefit from somewhat of a makeover, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better value spa and more importantly, the treatments do exactly what they say on the tin. What more could you want?

Rates: The Dove Spa Body Detox Mud Treatment lasts on hour and costs £39, or a course of three can be booked for just £99.99. Offer valid until the end of March.

Dove Spa
59-61 Turnham Terrace
Turnham Green
London, W4 1RP

Telephone: 0844 800 2152

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