Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Mimi ON Oct 28, 2009 AT 2:32 pm

The Agua Spa at the Sanderson Hotel

The Agua Spa at the Sanderson Hotel

By Tamara

A visit to the Sanderson Hotel is like a sneak peek into how the other half live. The hotel’s foyer is achingly cool – the various objects d’art scattered around the ground floor include a sofa shaped like a pair of lips and a plastic orb chair hanging from the ceiling – and everyone, from the doormen to the city-types lining the bar – look as though they’ve just stepped off the pages of Vogue.

Although I’d have loved to stop for a cocktail, on this occasion I was there for the spa. The hotel’s Agua Spa has recently added the Natura Bissé Diamond Facial to its treatment menu, and seeing as diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friend, this was one treatment I couldn’t wait to try out.

The spa, located on the first floor, is just as impressive as the rest of the hotel. The whole place – from the polished floor to the Neom candles burning in the treatment room, is white, and everyone – from the receptionists to the therapists – talks in hushed, soothing tones – this is no place for grubby-fingered children or your bleeping BlackBerry. The place seems huge, although it’s hard to work out how exactly how huge thanks, in part, to the diaphanous white curtains that take the place of walls and give the place an ethereal, almost spiritual vibe. The changing rooms are spacious and clean, fully-equipped with showers, large lockers and plentiful supplies of complimentary beauty products. There’s a spacious waiting room, along with individual pod-like cubicles kitted out with personal TV sets and reclining armchairs where guests can relax pre or post-treatment.

The changing room at The Agua Spa

The changing room at The Agua Spa

The Natura Bissé Diamond Facial uses a combination of aromatherapy, shiatsu and diamond sensory massage to restore natural radiance and soften skin. The therapist began by applying a deep cleansing milk before using a stabilising toner on my oil-prone skin. A glycolic peel was then applied – having never had one before I didn’t really know what to expect but I found the gentle, fizzing sensation surprisingly relaxing. While the peel did its work, my arms, hands and feet were treated to a gorgeous massage using Natura Bisse’s rich Oxygen Body Cream. (I was so relaxed that at this point, I did that thing where you start nodding off and suddenly have some kind of spasm and jerk awake). After the peel was removed, it was time for the “piece de resistance”. The Diamond Experience is a powerful serum containing 30 active ingredients which, when combined and massaged into skin, reawaken the complexion for ultimate radiance and unbeatable smoothness. Finally, I was treated to a final application of moisturiser. My skin felt amazingly, fabulously soft and remained so for several days after the treatment. A week later, not only was my skin still unbelievably smooth but the radiant glow was still very much in evidence.  I also loved the extra touches this treatment offered – the heated lavender pad placed under my back at the start of the treatment as well as the use of precious stones on pressure points.  

Although this facial was certainly one of the more extravagant treatments I’ve experienced, the results are certainly impressive and definitely worth the money.  In fact, if my boyfriend ever proposes, I think I’ll tell him to keep the diamond ring – just get me a lifetime supply of diamond facials, instead…..

The Natura Blisse Diamond Experience facials costs £160.00 for 90 minutes.
Visit for more information.

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