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Mimi ON Jan 14, 2011 AT 9:32 am

Miners Dip & Define Eyeshadow

Miners Dip & Define Eyeshadow

We love budget beauty buys and Miners cosmetics always seems to come up with a good solution to ensure we save the pennies but get the look.

Dip & Define eyeshadows are a great way to shimmer up any look and they come in a really wearble array of shades.  We love Khaki Gold in the office and may even debut it out tonight!

One word of warning, the ‘dip’ applicator does not allow you to apply the powder very accurately, the powder is too loose and unless you’re careful it can go everywhere. If you are careful though, and love a bargain, these shadows are the ones for you.

£3.49, www.miners.co.uk

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