DIY Styling The Hot Brush Way

Mimi ON Jul 24, 2013 AT 10:40 am

Forget straightening irons and curling tongs, I am a blow dry with bounce kind of girl, I want smooth sleek looking hair but I want it with volume and movement. A hot brush styling tool is an absolute essential for me to get close to a good hair day, and we know how that makes you feel.

Nicky Clarke Smooth & Shine Hot Air Styler

Getting the right tools and learning how to achieve a good blow dry at home will save you money, so it’s well worth the investment. Juggling a hairdryer and a round brush, which so easily tangles your hair, makes your arms ache and can never quite be pulled at the right angle, this is so much simpler than that. Just ensure hair is close to 80 percent dry before you start styling for quicker results, and fewer tangles.

Using the very latest in science and design originality, the Nicky Clarke Smooth & Shine Frizz Control Hot Air Styler, is the ultimate styling tool to achieve a salon blow dry at home.

With a natural bristle brush it not only actively de-frizzes tangled hair but is less harsh on it too, minimising breaks, tears and splits, as the bristles distribute hair’s natural oils leaving it glossy, shiny and keeping it healthier.

It requires a little practise but you’ll ensure much better results using the hot air styler,  especially on fine hair that is prone to frizz. As such this is an absolute hero product for me and has become a must-have holiday essentially. Forget over-heating hairdressers, simply wash, allow to air dry and run this brush through the lengths just before heading out for balmy cocktails and supper.

The Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Hot Air Styler, this isn’t just a DIY blow dry, it’s an all round kinder approach to hair styling.

Nicky Clarke Smooth & Shine Frizz Control Hot Air Styler, £34.99

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