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Mimi ON Apr 12, 2011 AT 10:25 am

Watercolour Crème Rouge

Watercolour Crème Rouge

Daniel Sandler cosmetics have a great new blush to add a little something to your natural look. The new Watercolour Crème Rouge is a cream-to-powder formula that glides on smooth leaving your cheeks with a gorgeous flushed look!

It comes in two different shades, soft peach, and soft pink. There is no brush applicator as using your fingers is just as easy here. Just use your middle finger and swirl it gently over the crème blusher then apply to the apple of your cheek blending up and out towards the hairline. Repeat for a deeper effect

These are staples in our makeup bags now and are especially good for the evening as they have a slight sheen to them.

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