Dr Jart+ Pore Refine Clear Away Gel

Jourdana ON Mar 01, 2013 AT 2:24 pm

In the beauty world, there’s simply nothing more satisfying than seeing something work instantly. Aside from the transformative sweep of a bright lip colour or the eye-opening prowess of a coat of mascara, when it comes to skincare products we can typically resign ourselves to a minimum 6 week trialling window before noticing any obvious, positive change.

Dr Jart+ Pore Refine Clear Away Gel

Dr Jart+ Pore Refine Clear Away Gel

And so, understandably, when you finally come across a product that does exactly what it says on the tin (bottle, jar or tube!) without the waiting time, it’s hard not to fall just a little bit in love. And that’s just what I experienced with the Dr Jart Pore Refine Clear Away Gel. Love at first use. Because, right before your eyes, and beneath your very own fingers this gentle exfoliating gel totally transforms lacklustre skin.

Without a buffing bead or exfoliating granule in sight, when massaged into the skin, the soft smooth-textured gel works to lift dead cells off the skin which you then feel, somewhat gratifyingly, as rubbings. Natural Cellulose and Rosemary gently wick away any dulling dry skin, whilst Witch Hazel and Gallnut extracts help to tighten pores, reduce inflammation and calm redness and irritation.

The result? An evened-out, smoothed and brightened skin tone, in under a minute. What’s not to instantly love?

Dr Jart+ Pore Refiner Clear Away Gel, £16 Boots.com

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