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BATD ON May 21, 2009 AT 9:15 am

Tri-Aktiline Eyliplex-2

Tri-Aktiline Eyliplex-2

Have you ever looked in the mirror and stared back in disbelief? Where exactly did those wrinkles come from? While we do tend to shy away from the Botox bandits, we’re all for giving our peepers a little helping hand. We have a new tool to help combat the crow’s feet. Tri-Aktiline Eyliplex-2 is our new best friend.

The kit contains two little pots, one for day and one for night. The day side is a cooling gel, which when patted gently around the eye, will revitalise giving you that wide awake look (even when you feel anything but).

For night there is a specialised slightly thicker night cream. It aims to target wrinkles and iron out crow’s feet all while you sleephow clever. Awaken the next morning to smoother lines and reduced dark circles, and it’s goodbye panda eyes. We hear it is all due to the clever cocktail of ingredients, particularly the SuberliftTM, Polylift® and Mala-plump™Complex. Right well, that’s the technical bit over, all that’s left for you to do is pick up yours today, and see for yourself.

Available at Boots.

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