East Meets West: BB Creams

Mimi ON Apr 26, 2011 AT 8:57 am

You may never have heard of them but Blemish-Balm (or BB) creams are all the rage in Asia

They’re part skincare treatment and part foundation products that were originally designed to heal skin post-surgery whilst providing flawless coverage.

They’ve now been adopted by the beauty industry in Asia as a kind of souped-up tinted moisturiser/foundation hybrid – usually offering sunscreen, brightening and anti-ageing treatment.

Western brands have been quick to offer their own versions of BB creams in Asia and now BB creams are slowly making their way to the West with the release of the Dr. Jart BB cream in Sephora stores in the USA. Will we see our mainstay Western brands releasing BB creams over here soon?

Take a look below for some familiar brands that offer BB creams in Asia.


Lancome's 'BB Base'

MAC's 'Beauty Balm' sold in international Asian airports.

Even Maybelline has released an afforable Pure Mineral BB Cream...

French brand Vichy's BB Cream offering...

Estee Lauder has released a BB cream as part of their Cyber White line...

Clinique 'Age Defense' BB Cream



Will you be trying one if (or rather, when) they make it to the West?

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