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Our tasty Tempura recipe

Our tasty Tempura recipe

We were also given Sweet Chilli Sauce which Cox & Kings sourced from another of their exotic locations, South Africa. This is an ingredient we generally keep in the cupboard, it gives a great kick to all sorts of recipes but also produces a mean chilli dipping sauce when combined with some other key ingredients. OK so this is not a typically South African recipe, it’s Japanese which is also a destination Cox & Kings specialise in for holidays. Another location on my wish list of places to visit! Anyway this dish is really delicious. The dipping sauces could work with all kinds of fish whether they are battered as tempura or simply as dressings. What is your favourite recipe using sweet chilli sauce? Do you know a typical South African dish that uses sweet chilli sauce?

Seafood Tempura

This tempura batter is enough for approx. 500g seafood (such as squid, lemon sole fillet, raw tiger prawns):

Tempura batter:
115g plain flour
115g cornflour
300ml ice-cold soda water, from a new bottle (really important that it’s ice cold)
Sea salt

Cut your seafood as necessary

Cut your seafood as necessary

Soy & Ginger dipping sauce:
90ml dark soy sauce
2 thin slices of peeled fresh ginger, very finely chopped
½ bunch of thin spring onions, very thinly sliced
Sweet chilli and five-spice dipping sauce:
150ml sweet chilli sauce
1 tablespoon light soy sauce
¼ teaspoon Chinese five-spice powder
1 ½ tablespoon cold water


Mix together the ingredients for each dipping sauce and divide between 4 shallow dipping saucers or bowls.

Cut your seafood as necessary. Squid pouches into thin rings and tentacles into pairs. Remove head from the prawns and peel them leaving the last tail segment in place. Cut the lemon sole fillets diagonally across into strips about the thickness of your finger.

Heat some oil for deep frying (sunflower oil ideally) to 190C/375F or until a cube of day old bread rises to the surface and browns in about a minute. To make the batter, sift half of the flour, half the cornflour and a pince of salt into 2 large bowls.


Transfer the seafood to a warmed platter, together with a bowl of each dipping sauce, and eat while hot

Just before you start cooking, stir 150ml of the ice-cold soda water into one lot of flour/cornflour until only just mixed; the batter should still be a little bit lumpy and, if it seems a bit thick, add a drop more water. When it’s cooked, you want it to coat the food in a very thin, almost transparent layer.

Drop 8 pieces of mixed seafood into the batter, lift out one at a time and drop straight away onto the hot oil. Fry for just 1 minute until crisp and lightly golden, then lift out and drain on lots of kitchen paper. Repeat once more, transfer the seafood to a warmed platter, together with a bowl of each dipping sauce, and eat right away, while its crisp and hot. Continue to cook the seafood in the same way and make a second batch of batter when you need it.

This recipe is taken from Rick Stein’s Coast to Coast book.

We would love to hear about any exotic holiday locations you have visited and loved or your favourite food destination?

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