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BATD ON Jun 01, 2010 AT 1:11 pm

Rachel Stevens for Eau de Stade

Rachel Stevens for Eau de Stade

We see and hear some weird and wonderful things here at Beautyandthedirt.com, but Rachel Stevens’ quote as face of the World Cup fragrance (yes, really), Eau De Stade, left us slack-jawed.

She says, ‘Although I can’t make it out to South Africa, a spritz of Sky+HD Eau De Stade means I can bring a little bit of the World Cup to my living room.’

We’ll give her a tad of credit for the very fact she managed to spin out that quote without falling off a chair laughing, but otherwise, draped in the England flag for the promo, the words ‘anything for money‘ spring to mind.

The fragrance, because we know you’ll be dashing off to buy bucketloads, is apparantly a blend of fresh grass, leather and the sea breeze of Cape Town.

It’s £19.66 at Soccer Scene.

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