Spray Cool This Summer

Mimi ON May 06, 2011 AT 10:14 am


Avene Eau Thermale

If the recent heat-wave has left your skin hot and bothered, we suggest a new handbag staple to take the sting out of the sunshine. Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water Spray comes in a small 50ml travel size – perfect for even a clutch.

The secret of Eau Thermale is the invisible film of silica that it leaves on the skin to both protect and comfort. With a low mineral content and a pH of 7.5, the water won’t sting, burn or dry out your complexion.

It is so gentle, it can be used to treat sunburn or prickly heat. Our top tip is to leave it in the fridge for a super-cool skin treat on days when the heat is on.

50ml, £3.15, www.avene.co.uk

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