Evan Rachel Wood is SPF Crazy

Mimi ON Sep 28, 2010 AT 5:46 pm

Rachel Evan Wood for Gucci Guilty

Evan Rachel Wood for Gucci Guilty

Evan Rachel Wood who is the face of Gucci’s Guilty perfume and famed for her daring style – is always changing her appearance as her “artistic” family have always encouraged her to be a bit different.

She said: “I have fun playing with make-up.

“I try and surround myself with people who just aren’t afraid to be who they are and aren’t going to judge me for doing anything I’m doing.”

Evan also says she is obsessed with protecting her porcelain skin from the sun, telling People magazine: “I am SPF crazy. I have sunscreen in the door of my car. I have sunscreen in my purse.”

After she was named as the latest face of Gucci,  creative director Frida Giannini said she thought Evan was the ideal choice.

She said: “I chose Evan Rachel Wood as she has very strong character. She’s young, but rising and influential figure. I didn’t want to offer this project to someone overexposed or too well known. Instead, I wanted a fresh individual that would coincide with the image of the project.

“She is such a talented and beautiful actress. I have always admired her confidence and her ability to transform herself in front of the camera. Even though she can appear shy at times, when the camera starts rolling, she becomes animated and vivacious. She is incredible, very sexy, and her eyes and face really attract the people of her generation.”

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