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BATD ON Jul 15, 2010 AT 4:08 pm

Tess Daly with her daughter

Tess Daly with her daughter

Clearly Tess doesn’t just take beauty products with her on holiday though (although I have been tempted before so I would forgive her) and there are some serious fashion decisions that need to be made before she embarks. Weight is constant problem for her packing routine: “When I travel I tend to weigh, only in my hands, all my clothes. If I pick up a sequin mini-dress it’s not going anywhere. I try and get as much lightweight packing in as packing in as possible”. And this is clearly the case as she reels off her incredibly fashionable holiday wishlist that included items such as the Michael Kors slash, cut-out swimsuit, anything from Victoria’s Secret (“American girls demand high performance from their swimwear, they know what works and they know how to cheat!”) or the “one stop holiday shop” Heidi Klein, maxi dresses, a denim jacket, some wedges and a slinky number from Missoni. Her efforts to purhase the Missoni number were slightly hampered though as she described her ordeal:

“I was going to buy a Missoni cutout as a treat as you could almost even wear it with jeans as a top… until I read the subtext ‘Do not recommend these swimsuits be worn in water’. So a slight contradiction of sorts! It’s basically made for posing!”

Her MUST haves though were clearly the more practical items though as she cooed over limited edition Swarovski Havaianas and her Urban Outfitters Panama hat that she uses to protect her hair.

Missoni Swimwear and Swarovski Havaianas

Missoni Swimwear and Swarovski Havaianas

“If you take them (the Haivaianas), then that’s all you need for the day and the a wedge for the pool club and the evening and your sorted!”

Although you’ll only catch her sporting tie-up espadrilles with her children as “they’re good for carrying in general as you’re always supported.” So no Christian Louboutin for her then!

We’d exhausted ourselves talking about holiday plans so conversation later drifted to her perfect night in. Again, she seemed delightfully humble as her perfect night in was summed up in only a few words: “Babies to bed, glass of Rosé, dinner cooked for me, perhaps a few friends pop by and some great conversation… oh and did I mention lots of wine!”

You did Tess and we love you for it!

This lovely and clearly incredibly saavy TV presenter and entrepeneur has definitely got her head screwed on and demands no pity for her husband’s recent misdemeours. If anything her family unit seems stronger than ever and her most recent pursuit as the face of Nice’n’Easy just cements the fact that she is one of the most recognizable, trusted and pretty faces in the UK right now.

Happy rollerblading Tess, hope customs didn’t steal any of your wishlist at the airport…

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