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BATD ON Jun 07, 2010 AT 6:57 pm

Fresh-faced Flavia having used Boots Skin Perfection Plus

Fresh-faced Flavia having used Boots Skin Perfection Plus

Flavia Cacace, famous for her goregous looks and beautiful professional routines on the hit BBC Show Strictly Come Dancing (and now for being the face of Boots Skin Perfection Plus), has taken time out from her busy schedule to answer a few of our most pressing questions… like what fake tan she uses!

Mimi: All the girls on Strictly Come Dancing seem to look permanently perfect! Do you have a skincare routine that you swear by to keep you looking good?
Flavia: Because we all use a lot of makeup during shows we like to use good cleansing products every day and face exfoliants at least once a week, I especially like Dermalogica. I also like to take new Boots Skin Perfection Plus once a day, as they are great for looking after my skin and complexion so I feel I can wear less make up when I’m not performing.”  

M: Both the boys and girls have got some serious tans on Strictly! When you’re not on the show, do you maintain your tan and if so what are your favourite at-home tanning products?

F: St Tropez is my favourite to use at home however when I’m not performing I like to give my skin a breather and a rest, however I’d much rather self tan then use sun beds!

M: As a dancer, keeping fit must be essential but are there any other fitness regimes you use to keep in shape?
F: Dancing is more than enough but I do enjoy the gym when I can, I mostly do work on the Swiss ball

M: Being so athletic must take its toll though. Do you have to have a strict diet to keep your energy up?
F: I love my food and enjoy mostly a Mediterranean diet. I don’t stop myself from having anything – I think a little of everything is good. Maxitone shakes and bars are great as snacks.
Flavia before using Boots Skin Perfection Plus

Flavia before using Boots Skin Perfection Plus

M: For anyone wanting to get into dancing (rather than just watching it on TV!), are there any clubs or lessons that you’d recommend
F: I would recommend finding a local school – you need to start with the basics and my tip is stick with it, don’t give up and you will enjoy the benefits afterwards.

M: Lastly, are you jetting off on holiday this summer? If so
what will be on your summer playlist?
F: I don’t think I’ll get a summer holiday but if I was going I would definitely take my iPod – I love a real variety of music from soppy love songs to salsa and tango, so a real mixed bag.

Boots Skin Perfection Plus is a supplement containing Lutein and Lycopene which helps protect the skin from the visible signs of ageing and the adverse effects of UV radiation. Flavia took a photo before and after using the supplement and you can see how fresh-faced and glowing she looks afterwards, so fingers crossed for us!!

A 30-day supply costs £19.99.

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