Eye Opening Beauty from Tesco

Mimi ON Mar 10, 2010 AT 12:16 pm

All About Face - Eye Liner Black

This week I’ve found further evidence that some of the best make up products also offer the best value for money.

High street heroes Tesco have reinvented the humble eyeliner by creating an all-in-one eye pencil and sharpener that costs just £1.49. Yep, that’s right – an eye liner pencil and sharpener for under £1.50.

As someone that buys – and then loses – more sharpeners than I care to remember, I can’t help but think how strange it is that nobody’s done this before. Available in deepest black or a gorgeously rich brown, the texture of their All About Face Eyeliner Pencil is wonderfully creamy without being too soft and glides on effortlessly for all day glamour.

The sharpener is actually part of the lid, so all you need to do is replace the cap and sharpen away. Additionally, I’m pleased to report the blade has yet to clog or become blocked – something I find happens depressingly quickly with sharpeners costing five times the price of this one.

Fabulous quality, a great price and a clever design – what more could you want?

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