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Mimi ON Jan 08, 2010 AT 4:43 pm

Fabulous Foaming Facial Wash

Fabulous Foaming Facial Wash

By Tamara Hinson

Extra large versions of beauty products are everywhere, but I’ve always wondered why facial washes rarely seem to get super-sized. Perhaps I just have a really dirty face – London is pretty smoggy, after all – but on average, I probably get through about three bottles of facial wash a month and most seem depressingly small.

Well, this January my prayers have been answered, because one of my favourite brands, Bliss, has launched their best-selling Fabulous Foaming Facial Wash in an equally fabulous 460ml bottle. For those who aren’t familiar with this skin-softening facial wash, it’s definitely worth a try – it’s ideal for all skin types and contains a powerful blend of botanical extracts along with tiny exfoliating beads that gently scrub away dead skin cells. In other words, sheer, super-sized bliss!

£25.00, www.blisslondon.co.uk

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