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by Chrissy Iley

QMS Hydro Foam Facial

QMS Hydro Foam Facial

I have become obsessed with QMS MediCosmetics.  As soon as I wake up I instantly apply, as if still in a dream, Lip Line Corrector (£150.00), a magical little serum that prevents and corrects lines around the mouth and creates soft pillowy lips. The effects are both instant and long lasting. I love its feel and I love its smell.

I can’t leave the house without the Hand Care cream (£20.00) – so efficient, so fast, so non-greasy, so refreshing.

24 Hour cream is, for me, just that. Who could imagine a night cream that is also a day cream, that absorbs so super-efficiently.

And then there is the magnificent Cellular Alpine anti-aging eye cream with Alpine Rose stem cells. Just look at those words together in one sentence: Alpine, Rose and Stem Cells. Those are the words of cutting edge science, technology and the smell that is beyond delicate, beyond clean. It transports you to another place. A place where skin smells and looks as fresh as is earthly possible.

Because I am frequently travelling, frequently tired, have too much on my mind and too much in my handbag I am constantly checking that my QMS products are all with me. They are my touchstones. I am entirely dependent upon them.

I had an unfortunate incident at LAX where my checked luggage was pilfered. They stole my beloved QMS and tops from Helmut Lang and Rick Owens. They left all the Zara and M&S and other make up. The incident disturbed me, I imagine that the thief is now chicly dressed with enviable skin.

I couldn’t wait to get back to the Jet Lag Facial at QMS! It is a space age looking spa in Chelsea, and the facial rejuvenates with oxygen therapy, two different extremely effective masks, and the incredible hands of Lauren Landy.

The recycled air of air travel is renowned for its impolite effect on skin. It dries it out. It makes it grey and lifeless. It makes it shrivel and sag.

I was recently told that if you travel long haul on Virgin your skin will be dried out even more because firstly the planes are smaller so there is less air to recycle, and secondly even in upper class, people steal the Cowshed moisturiser.

QMS Medi Spa

QMS Medicosmetics Spa

These days there are many ways to make Economy travel bearable: Decent food available in airports; you can pay for lounge access or an aisle or window seat, or even a limousine. But you can’t pay for better air. And there’s nothing more replenishing than a visit to the QMS Medi Spa in Chelsea.

Its sci-fi edge and super whiteness with its trim of sea-like blue are strangely comforting, as is the smell, which is exotically refreshing.

The word Medi is a potent one. All the spa treatments, like all the products, were developed by German superhero Dr Erich Schulte. Each product contains the optimum concentration of active ingredients that helps to maximise the absorption and efficiency of each product. So from the moment you lie down on the hot white bed you are being clinically as well as psychologically healed.

The facials are an extremely efficient and action-packed hour/90 minutes. Lauren impressed me with the application of collagen and then two masks. The oxygen may make you heady or high, or perhaps it is the healing hands that make you accept a mask that will cover your face entirely but for the nostrils. I suffer from all kinds of phobias including claustro but found it quite relaxing to be so contained.

QMS Medi Spa

QMS Medicosmetics Spa

The first mask compresses all the good ingredients. You feel your face lifting. The next – QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam mask (£46.00) is packed with high quality ingredients such as silk proteins and hyaluronic acid that dramatically boost skin’s hydration and leave it plump, smooth and firm. The mask comes off in a strange rubber form looking like a very spooky version of yourself. Quite dramatic.

The facial itself has the pace of a movie. There’s the set-up, various turning points, drama, reveal and resolution. There are very few movies though that are utterly transforming. The effects of jet lag – the dryness, the tiredness, the slackness, the greyness of skin – vanquished.

Lauren has had training in acupressure which is why her hands work so efficiently. It’s as if she’s sweeping away puffiness and lines by her manipulation of pressure points and lymph nodes.

She is extremely impressive, a power house in a white lab coat. I love it that they wear lab coats making the point that this is not just an ordinary facial, it has science behind the magic and I am addicted.

QMS Medi Spa, 43 Cadogan Gardens, London SW3 2TB. Tel: 020 7730 8090. Visit: qmsmedicosmetics.com.

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