Fake Bake for MEN

Mimi ON Oct 29, 2009 AT 12:28 pm

Fake Bake for Men

Fake Bake for Men

By Alan Greenhalgh

Yes it very clearly says MAN on the silver-topped tube. So, men, you have permission to pick it up, buy it, be given it as a gift and use it. The trio has shave, scrub and bronze. In that order.

A man chooses the crunchy peanut butter and the orange juice with the pithy bits so I was relieved to feel that the scrub was a man’s scrub. It’s got bits in it that don’t annoyingly dissolve under the excuse of a micro dermo doodah and it smells masculine like a lemony aftershave. Apply the bronzing gel on after the scrub and you will see just how good it is. The bronze instantly flushes the t-zone and cheeks you’ve just scrubbed and gives you a just- back-from-a-surf- at-the-beach colour. But you won’t smell like you were hanging ten in a swamp, as no chemicals means no harsh odours.

The gel sinks in straightaway, instantly dries matte so none of that ‘sorry I am so shiny, so streaky, but my tan is developing’ faces. In fact it’s guaranteed Not To Streak, Not To Turn Skin Orange, Not To Have A Bad Odour and Not To Stain Your Clothes. So no reason Not to buy it! Peeling the protective silver foil proves that this tube has not been an accidental tester and with no preservatives it has a ten month shelf life, so it’ll look like you been away quite a lot lately.

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