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Mimi ON Jan 10, 2011 AT 9:35 am

Natura Bisse - Glycoline and Oxygen Complex

Natura Bisse - Glycoline and Oxygen Complex

It’s becoming a rare occurrence that we all actually take our lunchbreaks these days; it’s more about the quick snack over your laptop as you try not to spill Diet Coke all over your keyboard. However if you’re feelunchling burnt out already after the Christmas break and New Year has taken its toll on your skin, why not head down to the Selfridges Skincare Department and get yourself an express facial with your favourite brand?

I recently head dAdd an Imageown to try out a Natura Bissé facial at their counter (don’t worry, they have a secluded consultation booth so no one can see). I opted for a My Skin, My Secrets facial as I wanted to leave my skincare woes in the hands of a professional that knew what remedies I needed (although there are a number of specific range facials you can choose). As a result I got a facial that was wholeheartedly tailored to my skin; I had deep cleansers, purifying toners and a fabulous Glyco Peeling exfoliant treatment (a light gel that gently exfoliates without being abrasive). The facial lasted about 50 mins, leaving me just enough time to run to and from the store to my office so is the perfect thing to squeeze into your lunchbreak.

Selfridges Skincare Department

Selfridges Skincare Department

But the best thing? The lovely lady doing my facial popped some fab tinted moisturiser on my skin before I left meaning I didn’t feel completely naked as I strolled the streets of London back to our office!

The facial requires a £40 booking fee which is redeemable against purchase, which is actually great when you consider the products aren’t cheap but are they are very very good so worth the investment.

Look out for their NB Ceutical anti-aging skincare range for sensitive skin in February too as we’ve seen the range and it looks great.

To book your appointment call the counter on 0800 123400

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