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BATD ON Oct 23, 2009 AT 10:01 am

Make sure your man knows what to look for

Make sure your man knows what to look for

How’s your To-Do list coming along? If you’ve done the washing, been to the supermarket, located those impossibly high hard-to- find pink suede stilettos, completed your home facial and booked that overdue manicure, there are two little extra things you need to get to, pronto.

The Orchid Check ‘em Out campaign runs from 24th-31st October, highlighting testicular cancer, and asking for us girls to get to gentle grips with things.

Although our boys seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time concentrating on their pants area, they aren’t as clued up as they need to be about checking out their balls, so it’s down to us to grab hold and get familiar. Don’t worry – we’re sure they won’t mind! Make sure you or your man follows the five point plan below to stay healthy and happy:

1. Become familiar with the normal weight, texture and consistency of your testicles.
2. Examine yourself at least once a month during or after a warm bath or shower.
3. Roll each testicle between the thumb and forefinger checking that the entire surface is free of lumps.
4. Get to know the feel of the epididymis, which runs behind the testicle, so that you don’t mistake it for a new growth.
5. If you find anything unusual seek medical advice immediately, it could be nothing but better to get it checked out.

A massive 95% of testicular cancers can be treated if caught early enough, so we’re more than glad to encourage a rummage! www.orchid-cancer.org.uk.

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